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Compliance Update Newsletter - Annual Subscription

Compliance Update Newsletter - Annual Subscription

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The Compliance Update is a monthly newsletter that provides a thorough compliance review and covers developments that affect the banking industry. Each month our compliance experts scour the regulatory issuances, final rules, and amendments to provide you with the compliance information you need, when you need it. Provided to you in .pdf format, your Compliance Update will by sent to you via e-mail each month.

The Compliance Update is packed with useful compliance information and analysis for your bank, including:

  • Action Items- includes a compliance action follow-up checklist
  • What’s Hot- covers proposed rules, new laws, and what they mean to you and your bank
  • Reg Watch- keeps you posted on what’s looming on the horizon
  • Q&A- provides answers to your questions on compliance issues
  • Compliance Calendar- keeps you up-to-date with deadlines at a glance
  • Feature Articles- analyzes the issues, written by compliance people for compliance people

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