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Complete CTR and SAR Instruction Toolkit
Complete CTR and SAR Instruction Toolkit

Complete CTR and SAR Instruction Toolkit

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The new CTR and SAR forms have changed drastically and will require more effort to complete and submit. To help your BSA Officer understand the new guidance, complete and submit the new electronic forms, and train bank staff and the board, Young & Associates, Inc. has developed the Complete CTR and SAR Instruction Toolkit.

Everything you need to understand, complete, and provide training on the new CTR and SAR forms. Based on FinCEN's guidance, effective July 1, 2012.

  • New CTR and SAR Instruction Manuals: Cover the new requirements, data fields, and terminology and provide step-by-step instruction on how to complete the new forms. Include completion examples/scenarios to clarify the various situations that might apply at your bank.
  • Filing FinCEN's New CTR and SAR Guidance (Department of the Treasury)
  • New Forms: CTR Form 112 and SAR Form 111 in “fillable," .pdf format. Great training tools!
  • New CTR and SAR Completion Compliance Review Models: Convenient checklist format. Ensure the accuracy of your submissions.
  • BSA/AML Regulatory Training Requirements: Comprehensive training for bank staff and the board.
  • New CTR/SAR PowerPoint Training Presentation: Train bank staff and your board on the new requirements with this easy-to-understand training tool. Can be customized for the unique needs of your bank.

System Requirements: Microsoft® Word 2007 or newer and Power Point 2007 or newer, and Microsoft Windows 7 or higher

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