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Capital Planning System First Year License
Capital Planning System First Year License

Capital Planning System First Year License

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Comprehensive tool that allows you to assess capital adequacy in relation to your bank’s overall risk and develop a customized capital plan for maintaining appropriate capital levels in all economic environments. The Capital Planning System has been field-tested by Young & Associates, Inc.’s management consultants and has passed the regulatory scrutiny.

The latest update addresses changes associated with COVID-19, including new recommendations for capital buffers used in the customized minimum capital level calculations, temporary regulatory modifications to the Community Bank Leverage Ratio framework, and changes to the direction of certain risks.

Allows you to:

  • Develop a Base Case Scenario in which minimum capital adequacy standards are established.
  • Identify and Evaluate Risk for your bank. Parameters in this analysis have been field-tested in our work with banks over the years and closely resemble adequacy standards established in consent orders.
  • Stress Test Capital by loan classification (as recommended by the FDIC and OCC)
  • Perform Contingency Planning for stressed events. All assumptions are stressed to determine the amount of capital needed and possibilities for increasing capital are examined.
  • Generate Your Capital Plan in as Little as 1 Day! Data from the Excel spreadsheets can be easily transferred directly into a Word document that can be customized to fit the unique circumstances at your bank. Sample language and suggestions for changing the narrative are provided.

Update/Annual License (#306 -- $495) renews bank license for 1 year and includes any changes or updates to the system that have occurred within the previous year. Also provides suggestions for updating the narrative of your capital plan based on yearly updates.

System Requirements: Microsoft® Excel 2007 and Word 2007 and above

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